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As well as being leaders in providing the best ski apartments in France, we pride ourselves in being able to deliver a complete holiday tailored to your needs, as and when required. If you have all the main aspects of your trip tied up but still need your extras, we can help. Whatever you need we can sort it for you, all you have to do is ask. 

Our Ski Extras include:

Ski Hire

Even though there are la arge number of ski hire facilities in each resort that offer decent prices it is always good to know that your equipment will be ‘ready to go’ the moment you present yourself at the desk. Booking in advance, takes away any reservations that you may have and can save you up to 40% on walk-in rates, so why leave it until you get there?

To find out how much we can save you on your ski hire simply get in touch and tell us what resort you’re going to, what equipment you need, when you need it and we will get back in touch with the best deals for you.

Ski School Deals

Having experts in each and every resort, we are able to hook you up with the best ski schools in your resort of choice and secure you the best deals possible. It is usually cheaper to book ahead of travelling as deals (if available in resort) can be few and far between. For more information ask for details of the best ski school deals when booking.

Ski Passes

Ski passes are your ticket to the slopes. What pass you need depends on exactly where you want to go. If you're not really sure you could end up paying for access that you are never going to use. Alternatively, you could find yourself unable to go where you want due to pass restrictions, meaning you have to pay over the odds to gain further access in the resort itself. For the best advice and the best deals on ski passes please ask for ski pass deals when booking with our representative.


Booking with us is simple. Just let us know the following:

  1. Where you’d like to fly to
  2. Where you’d like to fly from
  3. When you’d like to fly
  4. How many people (adults / children) you need to book.

Send us the details and we’ll get straight back in touch with your options and prices

Airport Parking

We have access to lots of great deals for airport parking. Deals include £50 for 8 days parking.No matter which airport you’re planning on departing from its always worth checking with us if we can find you the best deal. Let us know when and where you’re flying from and we’ll get back in touch with the best deals for you.

Airport Hotels

Got an early flight or simply don’t want to be rushing around ahead of your departure? Why not stop in an airport hotel prior to your flight. We have a wide selection of preferential deals that will allow you to stop over for a little as £35 per night, meaning you won’t have to miss your flight due to heavy traffic and start your journey refreshed.

To let us find you the best hotel airport deal simply send us details of your departure airport and date and we will be back in touch with the best deal for you

Travel insurance

These days travel insurance is a must. Accidents can happen, luggage can go missing but nothing should stop you from enjoying your ski break. Our recommended brokers (MPI Brokers) can offer a great deal on travel insurance that includes the following key features:

  • Off Piste – with or without a guide
  • Mountain Rescue – Including rescue by helicopter
  • Other Wintersports Activities – Skidooing, tobogganing, local ski racing etc.
  • Personal Liability – Injuring other skiers
  • Low cost premiums for France
  • Family policies – kids go free
  • 24-hour Emergency Assistance – up to £5,000,000

For more details or to get a discounted online quick quote call them on 0845 180 0625

Now you've seen what extras we offer, why not take a look at our ski holidays by resort.

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